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knock the world; right off it's feet and straight onto its head

APPEARANCE Axel is tall and thin, to the point where he could be considered "lanky" or, less flatteringly, "gangly." His hair is scarlet, worn in a spike-ish fashion, falling just past his shouldes at the back. In front, he wears it brushed back from his face. In conjuction with his red hair, comes his bright green eyes, usually narrowed since there seems to be always something he's calculating. Underneath each eye, is a singular triangular-like marking.
He is always seen in his tell-tale black hooded cloak, as indication that he is indeed a member of Organization XIII. The cloak itself is entirely pitch black, save for the silver-like drawstrings and decoration at the base of the hood. At the bottom, he prefers to keep it unzipped to about the height of his mid-thigh, and at the top, he exposes his chest just to his collar bone, perhaps as an indication that he wears no shirt underneath.
As is the norm for the group, he also sports a pair of black gloves, pants, and boots.

PERSONALITY Axel is very much a man of action. He reacts to most situations with quick witted retorts, impulse, irrationality, and more often than not, no regard for consequences. He is sarcastic by nature, with a bit of a twisted sense of humour. Sharp and cunning, he is certainly not one to easily be fooled. He is rather difficult to read and keeps himself that way for a reason. He tends to give off a sort of joker-ish nature, fooling most people into believing that he is not so capable of great plans in the end.
A bit of a lone wolf, he acts on his own agenda, not really waiting for anyone to catch on, unless it benefits himself somehow. He is very selfish and manipulative, willing to use anyone and anything to achieve his goals. He is not above betraying those that he re-assures his loyalty towards, so long as it brings him closer to what which he seeks. He is not above reacting violently when something doesn't go according to plan, either. In fact, he's rather prone to it.
Of course, being a Nobody, these are all just remnants of his former emotions, or even just memories. Either way, he seems to be comfortable with the persona that he has fabricated for himself. Lacking a heart, he is well-aware that he should be physically incapable of feeling any sort of emotion. However, after meeting and spending time with the newest member of the Organization, something unexpected seemed to come over him. He befriended Roxas, and in so doing actually found himself looking forward to seeing him. Tis occurrence sent him into a flurry of confusion -- trying now even moreso than ever to understand the complexities of the heart. He, himself, is still trying to understand why he reacts in such ways when his friend is involved.

ABILITIES / WEAPONS / STRENGTHS With his twin-eight pronged chakram, Axel is actually rather efficient as both a long and short-range fighter. He is also able to infuse his weapons with his element in order to make then even more deadly. He is also capable of pyrokinesis, being able to manipulate and create fire at will. His own flames do not seem to affect him, as he has been shown to create a massive wave-effect with the centre of origin being his body, as well as bursting through a wall of flame in a sort of sneak-attack. Axel is also able to control the degree of power inputed into the fire, so its effects can range anywhere from a small spark -- to a combustion of his entire body.
In battle, he is agile and quick, prone to performing rapid-fire combinations, rather than depending on brute strength.
Of course, as a Nobody and member of the Organization, he is also able to manipulate darkness to some extent.

WEAKNESSES Without a doubt, Axel's biggest weakness is his relationship with Roxas. There is little that he wouldn't do for his friends, and would to to any lengths for him, even regardless of personal consequence. He has even been known to show a level of desperation when the young man is involved in a situation which could be harmful to him, quickly trying to find a get him out of it.
He over-confidence can also be a downfall, coupled with the fact that he prefers to keep a distance between himself and others. He seems to have a generalized mistrust of people, and maintains an put-off attitude towards teamwork, even when everyone knows -- strength comes in numbers.
Then of course, if we want to get technical, there's his weakness to blizzard magic, though most water in this setting would probably do the trick as well.

HISTORY Axel is a "Nobody," the result of someone that was strong of heart, who was separated from it forcibly. Because of the original strength of his heart, he was able to retain a physical form and consciousness after the separation and, essentially, was born as a Nobody, a shadow of his former self. His name comes from an anagram of his original, Lea, with an added "x" which, as some say, is the mark of his "brotherhood."
He was recruited by Organization XIII, inducted into their ranks as the VIIIth member. However, despite being part of this group, Axel maintained a safe distance between himself and the others, not really 'feeling' a sense of camaraderie or trust towards any of them. That is, until he was charged with showing their newest inductee the ropes.
Roxas, number XIII, seemed different then the others. Over time, Axel found himself actually enjoying his company, and (as information from 385/2 suggests -- ) eventually the novice member, Xion. As events came to pass, Xion was the first to leave (read; disappear) even though Axel give it his best to convince her that wasn't the way... Unfortunately, he failed, and after that, also stood to lose Roxas, who now seemed bent on rebellion against the Organization, leaving, stating that 'no one would miss him, anyway.' Sadly, the blonde was too far away to be able to hear Axel's pitiful denial to his statement -- he would miss him.
Axel seems rather disinterested in the goals of the Organization, within Castle Oblivion, and seems to seek out his own brand of entertainment. He usually followed what orders he was given, but began to work as a double agent of sorts, seeding out traitors within their ranks. This really upped the ante when he eventually learned of Marluxia and Larxene's plan to overturn the whole she-bang for their own gain. At first, he seemed to side with Vexen, Lexaeus and Zexion, but after his first encounter with the Keyblade master, Sora, things started to change, and the gears started to turn.
Both Vexen and Zexion met their end because of Axels actions, Vexen needed to be taken care of to gain the trust of Marluxia, and Zexion, well, he just knew too much. He gave the Riku Replica a much needed bone to chew on, and order him to kill the cloaked schemer. Eventually, he was revealed as the mole that he was, he saw the end of the two 'traitors,' and couldn't seem to care less. For now it was time to set his own plan into motion... Knowing that his friend was somehow imprisoned within a simulation of Twilight Town, he knew now more than ever that he was going to get Roxas back... at any cost.

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